Monday, August 25, 2008

Student Doctor Josh

Last night I helped Josh prepare for a practical he has this afternoon. He is going to be evaluated on giving a patient a complete physical examimnation from head to toe. I was his pretend patient last night and now I don't feel like I need to see a doctor since I had like three physicals last night...just kidding...kind of. Can I just say how proud I am of my husband for all of his hard work and sacrifice during this season of medical school. He is working so hard and I am incredibly proud of him! Now...I honestly didn't fully understand how involved a physical exam was - listen to your heart, check blood pressure, look in your ears, you know the basics. But as Josh was doing all of these things he was saying what nerve or spot on the spinal cord (I'm not quite sure what) enabled you to flex your arm or hear during the hearing test. I must say, I was impressed.
When he was practicing last night it reminded me of when Josh's sister and her family came to visit us this spring. His sister Beth asked Josh to look in little Addie's ears which led to a short physical for Addie. She loved her Uncle Josh looking in her ears and eyes, she was so cute! Watching this and practicing last night makes it all seem real.
Checking her reflexes.
Addis is sporting her cute polka-dot jammies
Aunt Bethany got her for Christmas.
I love this little girl and I love this picture! Look at how serious she is. I think Addie would make a great doctor.


  1. Oh boy...the joys of being a pretend patient. I don't know about you but I struggle to be serious as Jeff is pretending I am a patient. Wait till you have to help him study for the practical exam on step have to really act like you have a certain illness and answer questions as though you are the patient described in the study book. :) Again, very hard for me to be serious because it feels like we are pretending like little kids. "No! I want to be the Dr. this time! You can be the one with the broken leg!"

  2. Get her a doctor kit for Christmas-start the ball rolling! Did Dr. Josh think you were healthy?

  3. Those pictures are so adorable!!! Addie is so cute and I hope my Addy is that cute!! It looks like Josh will make a good doctor....maybe pediatrician??


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