Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Ho-Man Cometh

On Wednesday this week, Josh's parents and our nephew Holden stopped by for a quick visit. They drove through Erie on their way to North Carolina just so we could have dinner with them and stay with us for the night. Their visit was too short but definitely better than nothing. We ate dinner at Joe Root's Grill (if any of you have eaten at Joe Root's and haven't read his story, please do so here, and Camille's thoughts about our pal Joe). After dinner we grabbed some ice cream per Holden's request. Okay, I just lied, it was actually me that requested ice cream, sorry Holden. Hey, I only had a salad at dinner and figured ice cream was perfectly okay.

Sooooo....for Holden's parents who are going through withdrawal without their little man, here are a few pictures of their precious Ho-Man....

Holden sampling all of our ice cream, in true Holden style...shirtless.

My boys

Next time you come to Erie Holden you better bring your sister and your mom and dad, and come back soon. Love you!!! 

1 comment:

    It looks like you all had a good time! We miss you & love you guys!


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