Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After Test Tradition

Last year after Josh had an exam we usually did something special since he had worked so hard in preparation for the exam. I would ask him if he wanted me to make something special for dinner or go out to eat. His usual response was, "Go see puppies??"

This year is no different. I received a phone call at work from Josh pleading that the only thing that would cheer him up after a tough test and a long weekend devoted to studying would be to go see puppies. I find it kind of ironic that going to see puppies at our local pet store in the mall would cheer Josh up because we currently are not allowed to have pets in our townhouse. Every time we go to the pet store it is just another reminder that we aren't allowed to have dog.

Here, Josh's spririts are lifted because he loves puppies and puppies love him and for a brief moment the worries and stress and med-school are gone.
Oh wait, I'm sad now because I don't get to
bring this little guy home.
Please Bethany! Please can we have a puppy?
And I always have to play the bad guy like it's my fault we aren't
allowed to have pets in our townhouse.
If we could we would Josh.
And the cyle continues.
I too love dogs and look forward to someday having one, but I don't exactly long for one in the way my hubby longs for a dog.
But it was definitely hard walking away from this little guy.
Look at that face. Now I'm really sad!
A quick note to our puppy Nola who is currently living with my parents: Please don't get mad at Josh and I for going to visit puppies. We still think you are the best dog ever and no other can replace you. Josh and I just get really sad that you live in Dayton and we live in Erie and we miss you so much.


  1. Oh my gosh, that little nugget is adorable! Y'all are too funny

  2. I am with Josh...I think you need that puppy! It is adorable!!! Josh and I have come so close to getting another puppy from the pet store in the mall. We love going there but it also breaks my heart because I can't stand leaving them there!!!


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