Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend, Josh and I hosted my family up here in Erie. One thing to note about my family is we never travel lightly, there is usually a whole crew of us in tow. I think if we did keep things simple and small we'd all feel like we were forgetting something or someone. So this weekend we had my parents, two of my grandparents, my brother, our friend Michael, and last but not least Nola.

On Saturday we drove up to Bemus Point to have lunch at the Italian Fisherman. A great little restaurant right on the water. During lunch, the Bemus Bay Pops were rehearsing for their concert that night, the live music really added to the atmosphere. We loved Bemus Point, the town is super cute and I'm looking forward to going back this fall when the leaves begin to change, well worth the 50 minute drive to New York.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:
This is my friend Michael chillin' with Nola on my back porch. I've always said Michael is my brother from another mother. But he and my mom always give me strange looks when I say that.
You know who these kids are...

Here we have two very special people, my father's parents, Me-ma and Papa-Tony. I love these guys. Papa-Tony and Michael.
My beloved brother.

My dear, sweet, and pretty cool Me-Ma.
Me-Ma and Papa-Tony have been married 50+ years!
This is only part of our gang waiting patiently for the shoppers...where are my parents? I think my father went to look for my mom in one of the cute little shops in town.
What would these two do without each other?

This was one of the shops we checked out, called The White Picket Fence.
I think this is where my father went looking for my mother.

The sign may say "Italian Fisherman" but I only see an Italian Stallion....
...that's right.

Later that night when we returned from New York, my father really wanted to teach my Me-Ma how to do Wii bowling. It was so much fun and Me-ma was good!
My father also taught Papa-Tony how to do Wii baseball. He got a few hits and I think he enjoyed himself.

All in all, a great Labor Day weekend with the fam. Thank you everyone for making the trip up to Erie. Until next time...


  1. AND did you have the infamous "Italian Nachos"???

  2. We did not try the nachos, they didn't really seem up my fam's alley. My mother nad I actually had a bit of trouble with how our meals were prepared. But the amazing weather and atmosphere of the restaurant made up for the shrimp in her wrap not being cooked enough. I'll have to go back with Camille and get the nachos.

  3. Thanks for posting about the fam! It was fun to get to see what you guys did after hearing great stories from everybody on Sunday. According to all of them, you were an amazing hostess, and they all had a great time.

    We should start talking about when we can have a "kids-only" weekend (i.e. Marcky, Jason, and me trekkin up to PA)... that will be cool.

    I like the idea of doing it when the leaves are changing, because I'm sure it will be beautiful....

  4. SO FUN! Im glad your family was all able to come up! It sounds like a blast to have them all at once.. and Im so glad yall went to Bemus Point!!!

  5. I love the pictures of Josh & your brother...those are funnnnnny.

  6. Great blogging, Bethany!

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment. In the last picture, it looks as if dad and I have been playing Wii for 17 straight hours. (Look at our eyes.) Or perhaps we're just under the influence of the cannabis mom always seems to smell around the exterior of your home.


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