Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2,000 Hits!

I just want to quick announce our blog has made it to 2,000 hits! I'd like to thank all of our faithful readers who make their way to our blog day after day to keep that hit counter ticking. And I like to send a special thank you to my bother Marc for being responsible for the last 30 hits and bringing us up to 2,000 hits. So thank you Marcky, we love you!!!

Here is the comment my big brother left us at 2 in the morning informing us of our 2,000 hits. He's so crazy!

Bethany and Josh:

This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the post about your indoor soccer game, and for that I apologize. It's not my intention to detract from your fĂștbol genius.

However, there's another glorious occasion I wish to commemorate: according to your hit counter at this very moment, you've reached 2,000 hits!

How did this come to pass, you might be wondering? I shall disclose that information for you.

I didn't realize, until tonight, that your brilliant blog boasted (<--alliteration alert) of such a terrific feature. When my eyes first observed the hit counter, it read a meager 1970. So, I courageously took it upon myself to personally bring that number to 2,000.

On my desktop lives an icon which, when clicked, opens up Safari and escorts me to this ethereal location - your weblog. To honor my aforementioned commitment (see: the previous paragraph), I simply, yet deftly, clicked on that icon, and when the Safari opened and went to your page, I closed it. And then I, once again, clicked on that icon, and when Safari opened and went to your page, I closed it. And so on ad infinitum!

Okay, not really. Obviously. I merely did it 30 consecutive times to enrich the number on your hit counter. To move it to 2 Gs, in other words. Safari seemed rather displeased on click 25 or 26 and very nearly--or so it seemed at the time--detonated my computer.

And so ends my disclosure and begins your blogistence (a blog's existence) at 2 Large.

Cheers.-- Marcky
September 9, 2008 2:11 AM 

Bemus Point Labor Day 2008

My beloved older and wiser brother Marc II. Currently Attending Taylor University's grad school for Biblical Studies. Doesn't that make you think of tweed jackets with leather elbow patches? I definitely think Marc will be getting one for his birthday this fall. To say Marc is an excellent writer does not quite describe how eloquent his writing is. You can tell from his poetic comment above. I could go on an on about how amazing my older brother is, but this post would never end and I need to get to bed. Marc you are a phenomenal big brother and Josh and I love you to pieces! 

This picture is from Presque Isle, Labor 2007.


  1. Thank you for the special thank you, Bethany! I love you and Josh to pieces right back. And if you find me a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, I promise not to take it off until . . . until it literally disintegrates and falls from my back!

  2. Marcky is so cool! Way to go!

    Those are some great pictures, by the way. Is it ok for me to say that my own brother is a super stud? I'll just say it: Marcky is a super stud.

    Peace, homies.


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