Monday, June 15, 2009

No Water/No Work

Last Thursday we received a notice at work that our water was going to be shut off from 8-5 on Monday due to construction going on in the area. First thought in my head is, how am I supposed to use the restroom (since I'm going every hour and a half to two hours)? No worries I think, I just drive over to Panera or to a grocery store to use the restroom. But wait, the entire area around where I work is having the water shut off. Just a small problem for a young women starting her ninth month of pregnancy that every time she stands up she has to use the restroom. I told my office manager I was a bit concerned and she graceciously allowed me to take today off. Thank you Jesus.

I have really enjoyed me day off. I started my day with a little prenatal yoga, I went to Camille's house to watch an early afternoon movie (we watched "Bride Wars"...Henry loves Anne Hathaway), a few errands to find something comfortable to wear at the hospital after the baby is born. and then a wonderful late afternoon nap.

Side note.........................................................................
I was looking for a picture of my favorite sunglasses and this is the only one I could find.
The sunglasses aren’t high end by any means, I actually only paid $8.98 for them at Steve & Barry’s. They're by Amanda Bynes (a young actress with a clothing line at Steve & Barry’s) Right after I purchased them I went back to get another pair because I loved them so much and I know my track record for holding on to sunglasses isn’t the greatest (that’s why I purchase inexpensive glasses). Of course they didn’t have any left at the store, then the store went out of business and then I lost them!

Jason found the sunglasses in my car, they were actually right behind me trapped in between the seat. I am so happy they are back in my life; crazy how they were so close yet so far away. THANK YOU JASON!


  1. Hey you! I ran into your mom, dad, and brother last night. I miss seeing them and you! Your mom said you were going to be home this weekend. Call me if you have any extra time, otherwise, I'll look forward to hanging out some later this summer with you and the little guy! :) Hope you are hanging in there during these last several weeks. I can't believe you are in the home stretch. Miss you!!


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