Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's been going on?

Since I posted last week about being one month away from my due date, quite a bit has been going on for Josh and me. Sorry, no baby yet.

First, we went to Dayton on Sunday for Josh to take his boards on Monday. Praise the Lord! Boards are over! Our entire family has been covering Josh in prayer for this major exam and we continue to pray and trust the Lord for the results (we won't hear for about 4-6 weeks). I keep telling Josh how proud I am of him for all of his hard work and I will continue to do so. Joshua - I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Not only have you been working your booty off for the past two years but you have also made time for me to show me how much you love me, especially during this time of preparing for the arrival of our son. Thank you babe!
Second, Monday was also Josh's 25th birthday! The big 25! Now we are the same age (at least until October). It did stink that he had to take the boards on his birthday. When he woke up and I wished him happy birthday, he had forgotten it was his birthday. Poor guy, he was so consumed by the boards he didn't even remember his own birthday. We were able to celebrate his birthday and the completion of boards that evening at the Cheesecake Factory. And yes we did bring home some cheesecake. Super yummy. Josh actually prefers cheesecake over cake and we all got to benefit from that, thanks Josh.

And third, we had our sonogram on Wednesday to get one last look at the baby and to see how big he is. Before the sonogram, Josh and I both made our guesses at how much we thought the baby weighs. Josh guessed in the high 6lbs and I guessed low 6lbs (purely based on what one of my doctors had told me two weeks ago). Well, let's just say we were both wrong and we guessed way to low. 7lbs. 13oz. is his estimated weight! He is a big boy!

But his head is down and that was great to hear! Next week's appointment (38 weeks) they will be checking to see if I am dialated and if I am they might offer to induce me. After talking with my father and an OB friend in Dayton, they did not recommend being induced before 39 weeks unless I have any medical reason to do so. I really do want to go into labor myself but I guess we'll see what happens.


  1. Voice of experience here-go into labor on your own! I tried it both ways-much easier labor when you do it yourself! At any rate-He's coming-one way or the other!

  2. Why would they offer to induce you? That doens't sound right unless there is a medical reason. Being dilated means you are on your way and is a good thing, it doenst mean you should be induced! DUH!

  3. Yeah! We LOVE big, healthy babies around here =) We are praying for you guys & the safe arrival of baby G....

  4. HOLY KALETA! You were right...way to go sister. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  5. You look great in your pics below!!! I love how you are standing by Lake Erie..Baby G will have a great memory of his time in Erie! I am so sad I am missing your shower!!! I sent my gift with Lauren because she is lucky enough to live so close!
    I will be praying for you these next few weeks! It really is so exciting to go into labor on your own, but then again if I had gone over 40 weeks I am sure I would have been saying INDUCE NOW! : ) I can't wait to see pictures!!!


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