Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Stud Club

You know what’s weird to think about? Life before Josh was in my life. He and I have been together for a little over 4 years (married for almost 2 years), and it really does seem like it has been longer (I mean that in a good way). Well, Josh and I were cleaning out our basement the other night and he has a few storage bins full of things from before we were together that he has yet to go through. As we were going through some of these things I kept thinking how strange it is that there was a time in both of our lives before we were together. Of course there had to be a time in our lives before we were together. That time was incredibly essential to developing the who we are today.

Well, take a look at what we discovered among all of Josh's fun memories...I'm not quite sure what to think...

Josh said he got this card on a spring break trip with his friend Adam. I know his friend Adam well and it absolutely doesn't surprise me that he and Josh spent money on this card. This card just got my mind going even more when I think about life before Josh. We got rid of a lot of junk the other night but you better believe Josh did not want to part with his Stud Club card.
Josh, I knew you were a stud from the first time I laid eyes on you. And I didn't need your Stud Club card to prove it.

1 comment:

  1. For that blog, Bethany, your application for the Stud Club has hereby been denied. But we would like to send notice to your readers that we are now accepting applications (besides Bethany's) for the Stud Club ever since the Hill's became popular and men started watching the show...alas, we had to expel many members when we realized so many were watching it.
    Sincerely, Stud Club, Ltd.


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