Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hudsonville Fair

Before I made my way to northern Michigan for my friend's wedding last week, I was able to attend the Hudsonville fair with Josh's family. I was really sad Josh wasn't able to be with us since this has been a fair he has always enjoyed going to. I definitely look forward to bringing our children here someday.

 Weston was pretty unhappy that his siblings got to go on most of the rides 
while he was contained to his stroller. Kate on the other hand, 
was super chill the entire time at the fair.
 Trying to escape so he can join his brother and sister.
 Kate's first time at the fair and all of the excitement has worn her out.
 How can you just not fall in love with this sweet boy with those eyes?!
 Face painting...Holden chose a lolly pop and Addie chose a horse.

And then it happened....
 As we were talking through the cattle barn we told him to not touch anything....

 But as we were walking out I heard him scream and yell, "I touched it!"

That is what you think it is...cow poop...GROSS! We still have no idea why he did it. I guess the temptation was just too great.

 He is quite the little pun intended.

Addie wasn't quite as brave as Holden was when it came to some of the rides.

I think she was just as happy playing the games.
And Weston finally got to ride a couple of rides with his mom and Josh's dad.

Sorry no pictures of me but you can be assured I enjoyed my time at the fair. My favorite of course is the fair food. I did break down and get an elephant ear (a huge piece of fried dough with cinnamon and powdered sugar) and I almost ate the entire thing. Not that I couldn't but I was thankful Josh's brother Aaron was there so I could share it with him. The Erie County fair is going on this week in I think in Wattsburg. I think Josh and I are going to try to go to that so he doesn't have a whole summer go by without going to a fair. If they have them there maybe he will split an elephant ear with me.

And sorry for such a long post but I just found these pictures and I couldn't resist posting them too. These were taken at my very first trip to the Hudsonville fair in 2006 (just a couple of months before Josh proposed to me). 

 Addie and her dad watching a tractor pull, or something like that on a dumpster. 
Such a cute picture of the two of them.

One of my favorite pictures of Addie. I think she's about 1 and a half here. 
Hard to believe she is already five years old and had her first day of kindergarten just yesterday!

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