Thursday, September 16, 2010

We have an new newphew!

Meet Max,
our new nephew!

Maxwell Christopher
born September 13 at 5:17am 7.7 pounds

He is healthy and beautiful! We are so excited and 
dying to meet him. He and his family live in North Carolina 
and I don't think Josh will let me 
get in a car and drive over 9 hours by myself to meet him.

I love that he is folding his hands in this picture, 
already a praying boy. So sweet!

He also shares a birthday with our niece Katelyn, 
which we just returned from MI earlier 
this week to celebrate her 1st birthday. 
I still need to upload those photos to my 
computer and post them. 

Congrats Chris, Aimee, Olivia, & Audrey! 
I know he is getting lots of love from his older sisters.
Hoping to meet him at Christmas time and good Lord's willing we 
will have our little one for them to meet too. I already know Max 
and our son will be good buddies.

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