Sunday, September 19, 2010

lazy sunday

I woke up this morning thinking that after church I was going to take advantage of today and be super productive. Well, I gave in and took a nap today (Sunday afternoon naps are just too enticing) and my productivity that I was planning on hasn't quite happened (yet).

My to do list that I'm currently putting off, I believe they call that procrastination:

1. cleaning off my desk because I can't even see the bottom of it.

2. posting pictures from our Michigan trip last weekend. 

3. planting some mums I got over a week ago that are still waiting to go into the ground. 

4. winterizing my pot by our front door and the ones on our back patio (we're leaving for Dayton on Friday for a rotation and when we come back at the end of October I'll be 34 weeks pregnant and will really not want to do it then. But there is a huge spider web in the back patio with a huge spider and I'm kind of scared to go out there at the moment.)

5. giving Josh a haircut, he's been asking for one for two weeks now, sorry babe. 

6. finishing all of my nursery project, mostly includes painting. This would require me to first go and get paint and actually have to make a decision on a color, that could take some time. 

7. of our townhouse. 

8. working out.

9. starting a new book, there are just so many books and I don't know what I should choose, any suggestions?
10. getting together my Operation Christmas Child shoe box to bring to my church this week.

11. ordering diapers from Amazon, I have a couple of coupons from my Parents magazine that can get me diapers for super discounted prices. I have until the end of the month to redeem. Crazy how fast September has been going by. 

I suppose if I am able to accomplish all of these (which there is no reason I shouldn't) before we leave on Friday then I'll be in pretty good shape. 

My weekend wasn't totally unproductive. Yesterday I went over to my friend Sarah's house for a little sewing get together. I really hadn't sewn anything since sophomore year of high school so she helped me sew fabric onto cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. And I am so happy how they turned out! Thank you so much Sarah for all of your help!

I suppose they weren't terribly difficult to do, I was just so hesitant to start because I'm a perfectionist and was afraid to mess up. Aside from the ones Sarah did, mine are far from perfect. I have a lot of left over scrap pieces that I want to cut out cute shapes like a tie or dog and apply it onto onesies. And for that I will be consulting my other good friend Brooke.


  1. First, I have to admit I kind of check your blog everyday and I love it. Second, was your previous sewing in high school the pillow in Ms. Scott's Home Economics class? :) I'm pretty sure that was my last sewing experience besides a button here and there. Ha! I'm so excited for you and that beautiful little guy in your belly. Hope to see you when you're in Dayton. The burp cloths look awesome!


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