Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 Pregnancy Tests Later

*picture of the fourth pregnancy test*
I'm not really sure how else to explain myself for taking four pregnancy tests, other than the crazy pregnancy hormones kicked in early and I was acting crazy. You can even ask Josh. I know my husband loves me and cares deeply for me and would never want to hurt my feelings, but I'm sure crazy woud be the exact word he would use to describe my need to take four pregnancy tests.
Let me explain how I came about to taking four tests.
We of course have the first test (the totally legitimate test). This was taken early one Saturday morning in November, and it was positive! Josh and I of course were very excited, we celebrated, and went to a bookstore to pick up a few pregnancy books. The entire day I was on cloud nine and I couldn't believe I was pregnant. As I was getting ready for bed that night, I saw the other pregnancy tests in the box (it was a two pack) and thought to myself, I'll just take another one just to be sure. Of course I take the test and it's positive again! I went to bed resting assured I was indeed pregnant.
Now the third test is where the crazy comes in. Josh and I were grocery shopping one evening together (I think this was later in the week of us finding out we were pregnant). I went past the "family planning" isle and got the crazy thought in my head that I might not really be pregnant because the thought of me being pregnant was very surreal to me and I was having a hard time getting a grip on reality at the moment. Josh, being the loving husband that he is, said yes to my craziness but said I have to purchase the least expensive test. Right before bed I took the cheap pregnancy test and it was negative. I did not freak out and I did not panic. Josh just looked at me and said, "You're gonna take another one aren't you?" I quickly respond with a "Yep."
Reasons I think the pregnancy test was negative:
a) it was cheap
b) I think I took it wrong
c) I took it at night (they recommend testing first thing in the morning)
So because my third pregnancy test was negative, I am totally justified in taking a fourth, which of course was positive.


  1. HA HA. That's funny. Don't try to think about what you could've done with that money.

  2. You are so funny!!! Don't worry...I took three in a row because I didn't believe it!!! I am SO GLAD I saw you in Target. You look awesome!!! I am going to try to bring Addy if she gets over this cold she has had.

  3. OK-in OB 101 they teach there are NO false POSITIVES. Good for you obliging hubby!

  4. We've found the Dollar Store pregnancy tests to be quite accurate -- they've been 3 for 3 for our pregnancies! Congrats, again =)

  5. Yeah it sounds crazy but..It is normal reaction for the first pregnancy..


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