Friday, January 9, 2009

First time GPSer

Josh and I received a GPS for Christmas from my parents and I was able to use it for the first time last night. I went over to my friend Brooke's house last night for our girls' group. I had never driven from our house over to her house before, and knowing my track record with getting lost, combined with it being dark out, and the roads a bit icy, I was really looking forward to using the GPS to help get me there in one piece and without a phone call to Brooke for help.
The first time you turn the GPS on, you need to be standing outside with a clear shot of the sky so the GPS can connect and callibrate with its various satelites, only taking a couple of minuets. This in itself was a sight to see. There I am, standing in front of our townhouse at 6pm last night holding the GPS up to the sky waiting for it to callibrate and praying none of my neighbors come out and see me. And of course who is to come home at the exact moment I am standing outside in the cold? One of my neighbors. Thankfully, he kind of just ignored me.
Once everything was all set up, I punched in Brooke's address and proceeded towards her house. I forgot to mention that Brooke emailed all of us girls incredible directions to her house that I printed off just in case. Even as I was following the directions of the GPS, I was double checking them with Brooke's directions and they were exact! I was so impressed with my little GPS. Until I would be approaching my turn and I felt like my GPS was yelling at me, "Turn left on Pine! Turn left on Pine!" I was trying to talk back to it but of course that was futile.
My GPS did get me to Brookes townhouse community but it didn't get me exactly to her address. I did have to call Brooke for a little assistance but for the most part I was very pleased with my GPS and am looking forward to using it again.


  1. Oddly enough, I just got a Nuvi a few days ago, and it also works quite well. I no longer have to worry about getting lost when I go to Pittsburgh. (I always tell people that if HP Lovecraft had taken LSD and remedials civil engineering, Pittsburgh is pretty much what you would end up with.)

  2. I love my Garmin. I named her "Sweetie". BC used to ask me, "When do we turn, Sweetie?". Now the GPS, Sweetie gives all the directions. Just wait until you make the wrong turn and she starts screaming "Recalculate" at you!

  3. im glad it worked & got you here safely!! I need one of those bad boys now!

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