Saturday, January 3, 2009

Almost back to normal...

Happy 2009

Things are almost back to normal around here. Or at least what we like to call normal. We returned to Erie last Tuesday evening from all of our holiday travels (Erie to Dayton, OH to Grand Rapids, MI, and back to Erie = approx. 16hrs. of traveling in our car). Even though the traveling is a bit tiring, we were really blessed this year for me to take quite a bit of time off from work so we could spend a lot of time with my family and Josh's family. We definitely miss seeing our families. (Pictures to come soon.)

We also had a few visitors arrive on Wednesday to ring in the new year with us. My brother Marc, our friend Shelly, and Nola came up for a few days to celebrate 2009. It was great having them here and introducing us to Guitar Hero. Let's just hope Guitar Hero isn't too much of a distraction for Josh when school starts back up again. 

So today my day is filled with getting organized, lots of laundry, and hopefully a movie date with my favorite husband. I definitely want to enjoy today and tomorrow as Josh will never have a Christmas break again. And with things getting back to normal, I'll try my hardest to be a better blogger. 

Happy Saturday and Happy 2009!

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