Friday, January 30, 2009

January Review

Sorry that the blogging thing didn't really happen for me this week. To be completely honset with you, I was a bit preoccupied with reading book 5 of the Harry Potter series. I had started book 5 before I found out I was pregnant but with that news I became more interested in reading pregnancy books. And when I got really sick it became difficult to read when I was so nauseated. Now that I have been feeling better I was determined to finish HP this week and I did just yesterday. Soooo good! And I'm super exciting to read book 6. This will be the first book of this series that I have no idea what is going to happen since they haven't released the 6th movie yet. Actually, the release date of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is due to be released the day before my due date, July 17!. Josh is super hoping we'll be able to see the movie before the baby comes and I guess I secretly am also. But if it doesn't work out that way, I don't think I'll be too disappointed cuz I'll probably be a little preoccupied.

Now time for a quick review of what my January looked like:

1. Babies!  I attended a baby shower for my girlfriend Lauren (far right) who gave birth to her little baby this Tuesday!
.....the pregnant girls and used to be pregnant girl....
I really don't know why my hair does that thing it's doing. It usually happens when someone takes out a camera. In the pink is my friend Becky who is 4 weeks ahead of me, Camille who is due in April, and Lauren who just had little William Marc! They call him peanut and he was so cute!
Camille getting in a little practice. His poor little cheeks were so read due to a reaction he had with the hospitals blankets. Poor little guy.
2. Snow snow snow. We had a pretty big snow storm this week. Apparently, Erie is close to the 10th snowiest winter in history. Last year at this time we had a total of 56" of snow, and this year we are just about at 112" of snow.  And I'm gonna guess that we'll probably reach over 112" today as it is snowing again right now, snowing horizontally to be exact.
3. Family weekend. My parents, Marc, Michael, and Nola came up to visit us at the beginning of the month when the temperatures were in the negatives and it snowed all weekend long. It was tough finding a spot outside for her to take care of business cuz the snow was so deep. But she loved the snow and loved sticking her face in it.

I think those were most of my highlights this month. Josh has been pretty busy studying. Thankfully my love for reading allows me to hang out with him while he's studying. Tomorrow he has his SPEC exam for most of the day. This is where he learns how to give sensative exams to both men and women. I'm sure it will be kind of a weird day for the med-students and for the people who volunteer. Which blows my mind that people volunteer for this. I know they are compensated but I'm not sure there is enough compensation out there for me to want to volunteer to have a bunch of med-students poke and prod me. Just my opinion. I suppose we should be thankful for those who volunteer to help further the education of my husband and for all med-students.
Sorry to no belly picture. I know, shame on me. I don't have an updated one from this week yet. I promise I will post one this weekend (sorry BrittanyAnya).

Peace out and have a great weekend!


  1. I had no boots when we came for the weekend. WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN! Camille looks a little precarious holding that little nugget!

  2. I was surprised by his neck strength! He was holding up his own head!!!!


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