Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Picture Highlights

Josh and I were able to spend a lot of quality time with both of our families this holiday season. We cherished every moment of being with them since our visits with them aren't as frequent as we would like. Here are some pictures highlighting some of my favorite moments with both of our families. Enjoy!
Poor Nola never gets any attention or lovin' on. Just kidding, that's not true at all. She is terribly spoiled by my parents. I think Josh was a bit jealous of the snuggle time I spent with her.
I got my three neices tu-tus for Christmas. They were so adorable!
(Addie 3 1/2...Olivia 2 1/2.....Audrey (in the back) 14 months)
                                                                              I couldn't find a purple tu-tu in Audrey's size, so I had to find her a pink one. But she loved wearing her sisters.
Our newest nephew, Weston Henry.He is such a cuddle bug and so tiny. He is one month old today!
Best buds. I love this picture.

Our crew from left to right...
Olivia, Holden (2), Weston, Addie, & Audrey.
It was a nice attempt to get a picture of all of our neices and nephews. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but it certainly was hilarious. I honestly think this was the best one.


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