Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3x the Nola

Josh and I had a great weekend in Ohio with our family. I had really been missing my family and Josh could tell I was homesick. I appreciate him recognizing that and making the time for us to travel down there for the weekend. This time of year for school is pretty crazy with only a month left and boards studies on top of his regular school work. Thank you Josh for coming with me and for doing most of the driving!

Weekends home are usually a little hectic as we try to pack a lot in in only a couple days but it's always worth it. We ordered our crib and a dresser for the baby! It's going to be about 4-6 weeks until we get it in. I can't wait!

On Saturday afternoon we drove up to Columbus to have dinner with family at my aunt's house. We even had an early surprise celebration for my mother's birthday. Thanks Aunt Paula for a wonderful dinner and getting everything together for my mother's birthday surprise.

Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures this past weekend. The pictures I did take (like of my mother's bithday celebration) didn't turn out so well. But the pictures that did turn out were of course of Nola! 
This last picture is my favorite. I know I am completely biased, but she is the cutest dog.


  1. Glad yall had such a great weekend & you were able to see your family!! (love the pictures of Nola too!)

  2. She is adorable!!! You aren't biased at all! Totally enjoying finding your blog!


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