Monday, March 2, 2009

Half Way There!

Here are a few pictures from last thursday when we had our ultrasound of our little guy. The technician said he is looking pretty good and was 11 ounces. He is still pretty teeny but with the rate of my appetite I'm sure he is growing in there just fine.

Below is a picture of his little feet. The weird thing on the top right is the umbilical cord. We tried to get a 3D picture of his face, but I was informed I have an anterior placenta (my placenta is in the front) and that is preventing us from getting a nice clear picture of his face. But I just love this picture of his crossed little legs.

Many of you who know me know I have a foot phobia. I am currently trying to deal with it but I can't stand feet. My own feet are fine and I'm getting much better with Josh's feet, but for the most part there is something about feet that make my stomach church. Even typing about it my stomach is doing cart wheels. But when I look at the picture above and see his tiny toes, I can't kiss them. And that is something I will probably only do to my own child and no one else.

At the beginning of last week I was having a few issues with a strange feeling on my belly. It would happen in one spot on the left side right below my bra line. I would get the strangest sensation, almost like someone was rubbing Bengay on my tummy. I would get a numbing tingling and then a slight burning. This usually occurred when I was laying down. Well, it wasn't until Thursday when I had my med-school girlfriends over that I realized the tingling feeling I was having was his little feet! I can't believe the whole week I was feeling him move and I didn't even realize it! Now that I am aware of him moving, I am noticing it a lot. I think his feet are right under my bra line and that is usually where I feel him move. It is so amazing and I love it every time. Even when I am trying to fall asleep and his little feet are keeping me awake.

I started my 20th week this weekend! I can't believe I am half way through my pregnancy!!!


  1. Praise the Lord!

    Don't you just love God's sense of humor in showing you a picture of your little guy's feet? That's great.

    I love saying "he" and "him" now... he's going to be the coolest little dude! Especially with his cool uncles teaching him how to be a super stud (Marcky) and super handy (Jason)!!! (Josh can handle teaching him how to be super fun and smart!)

    Love to all three of you

  2. I love that picture of the feet! How cool!!!!

    I can't believe you were half-way there!!!


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