Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Growing up is hard. Having to make mature adult decisions can be really tough sometimes. Realizing that you have certain qualities about yourself that you aren't too proud of can also be very unpleasant. Accepting this truth is brutal. I have recently realized a few things about myself that I am not okay with. The first step is realizing the issue and the second step is dealing with it. Just being honest here, there is a trace of hesitancy in me saying it would be easy not to face what I have recently realized. But of course I know that is not the path I should take.

Can I also say all of these crazy pregnancy hormones aren't making things any easier?

Not quite sure why the Lord has now decided to show me these things in my life, but I trust Him to help me deal with it. Josh is very proud of me for realizing this about myself. Let's just say if he would have told me, it wouldn't have gone over so well. I don't have any answers yet but I know the Lord is working on my heart.

Oh to be a grown up. Not so fun sometimes.


  1. Just wait until the baby is here and you will have even MORE of this sense of what it means to be a "grown -up"! It's wonderful though.

  2. Praise the Lord that he has counted you worthy as one to be disciplined. "The Lord disciplines those he loves..." Hebrews 12

    I love you, and I am praying for you, my sweet sister.

  3. AND YET-He loves you beyond reason!

  4. Friend, this just shows that you are teachable and humble and wonderful! I am here anytime you need reminding!

  5. Funny how its so much easier when we realize it ourselves and not from our husbands. I guess thats not funny actually. But Im the same way. I agree with cam its great that you are teachable/humble/wonderful!


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