Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slight Change of Plans

Saturday Plans:

- 9:30AM meet Camille at the WC for a nice swimming work-out
- finish registry at Baby's R Us
- register at Target
- hit up a few furniture stores in search for a crib
- make dinner for hard working husband
- make lasagna for Sunday's dinner

...we have a slight change of plans people...

These were my plans for today before I woke up to find my poor husband was very sick. At first I thought he just had a low blood sugar due to his disorientation and slurred speech. I checked his blood sugar and sure enough he was low so I got him some OJ. But when he was complaining about his head hurting and he didn't keep the OJ down, I knew it was more than just a low.

When Josh gets sick I kind of get into this nervous, worried, stand at alert at all times mode. I think this is because I worry about his diabetes and his blood sugars getting out of wack. Praise the Lord I have his mother and my father to call in situations like these. They help me to remain calm and give me clear instructions in how to care for Josh. I have no formal training in these situations and usually Josh has been my go-to guy for medical advice. It's tough to ask him what I should do when he's in a lot of pain and not completing sentences.

I wasn't quite sure what was wrong with Josh today but we think it was a migraine. He is prone to getting migraines (this is the third one I've experience being married to him), but he also had a fever today making me think he was getting the nasty flu bug that I've been hearing about. Thanks to a some pain meds, anti-nausea medicine, and lots of TLC, Josh came around at about 5:30pm. Praise the Lord he is beginning to feel better. Now my prayers are directed towards his preparations for his exam on Monday.


On a brighter note, today is Josh's father's birthday! Even though we didn't get to see him today, we were able to celebrate his birthday here in Erie a couple weekends ago. We went to a great dinner at Pufferbelly and home for chocolate cake I made and ice cream. I'd like to consider myself a modest person but I must say the cake was pretty darn good. You just can't go wrong with a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Thank you so much dad for the many ways you keep blessing and loving us! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and hope you had a great day! Happy birthday!


  1. I hope Josh gets to feeling better soon. Have him drink LOTS of water and try some banana as well. Does he like Gatorade? That is a great help as well. Best of luck! Any baby names yet?

  2. I'm glad he came around- you are an awesome wife and sick bed attendant!!!

  3. You ARE an awesome wife! Glad he is doing better. See you Thursday!


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