Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm not spoiled but...

I'm not spoiled but 
someone should spank grandma.

I saw this written on a sign this Sunday when Josh's mom and I were at the Country Christmas craft show at the Bayfront Convention Center. It pretty much summed up the two days I spent with my mother-in-law. 

Josh had in interview for residency this past Monday in Toledo so his mother came and stayed with me while he was away. Josh was only gone for one night and I felt bad that she had to drive 6 and half hours just to stay with me, but she really wanted to and I'm so glad she did. We had a great time together and she helped me get some things done around our house.

She didn't come empty handed. Not only did she come up with a frozen lasagna (Josh's fave) and frozen chicken pot pies for us, but she also brought a Radio Flyer wagon full of gifts for the baby! Which is totally wild that she gave us this wagon because just last week Josh and I were talking about getting one for the baby! 

I continue to be blown away by how well his parents love us and bless us. 

Thanks again mom for steam cleaning my carpets, treating me to a pedicure, getting two more sleeper outfits for the baby, and all of the meals. Thanks also for coming with me to my over two hour long OB appointment. I'm so glad you got to experience seeing your grandson during my sonogram, what a great bond you already have with this little baby. Love you and I can't wait to see you and dad this Sunday! 


  1. What a wonderful mother-in-law you have! I'm so glad she spoiled you!

  2. Love this! (and were you and your Mother-in-Love watching football?)


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