Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Pictures

Josh and I had the priveledge of attending our friends Sarah & Drew's third annual Halloween party this past Saturday. We had such a great time and but are sad that it is most likely our last Halloween party with our friends here. Sarah and Drew always throw a great party and have fun games for us all to play. This year they organized a Minute To Win It party, guys vs. girls. It was such a great idea and so much fun even though the guys did win most of the games. Here are some pictures from the party....

 This year Josh and I switched roles...he went as a woman and I was a man with a pot belly. Kind of hard to tell but I also have a bit of a beard (I made with some dark eye shadow).

 Two new friends Duke and Rashin, they went as hippies.

 Adam and Camille with their new son Elliot. Elliot was party animal and Camille was amazing for coming having just had a c-section on Monday. She is a rockstar.

 Freeland and Brooke went as a shot gun wedding and their son River was the ring bearer, so cute! Brooke even had a full on wedding dress with a huge train, such a beautiful bride.

 Kristen and Dan were robbers.

 Our hosts Sarah as a bear and Drew as Guy Fieri.

A little unreal how much he looked like Guy Fieri.

 Lindsay and Ryan were a pair of hooters.

Bill, Christie and their son Jackson had the cutest costumes! Bill and Christie even made their monster heads themselves to match Jackson's costume. Christie is super creative.

Kind of strange but Josh and Freeland looked like they came together as a couple.

Thanks again Sarah and Drew for another great party!


  1. Get out! That party looks rockin'!

  2. OK-I'm home babysitting and this is the fun you all had-NOT FAIR!


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