Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Baby Sprinkle

The Lord has blessed me with an amazing group of friends here in Erie. Throughout this past year and a half of loosing Leyton and getting pregnant again, they have walked right along side with me and have been there for me for whatever I have needed. I am so thankful for each one of them.

Last Saturday my girlfriends hosted a baby sprinkle for me (instead of a baby shower). It was wonderful! It was a great time of being with my friends, enjoying delicious Mexican food (probably my main craving this entire pregnancy), celebrating this baby's life, and covering the baby and me in prayer. I asked for no gifts but they gave me a basket full of books (something that I actually needed), and I received a tin box full of notes to me and a note to the baby for the next 12 months. It was perfectly sweet and of course there were tears. Definitely not tears of sadness but truly overwhelmed by my friends love for me. Before I loose it again here are some pictures from the party.

Lindsey, Becky, Kristen, Tanya, Sarah, & me

Starting from the left we have Rashin, Tanya, Sarah, me, & Ashley

 This was one of the games we played. It was a race to see who could eat a jar of baby food the fastest by it being fed to you. Camille and I won but it was totally gross. Sweet potatoes and chicken, yuck! 

And I had sweet potatoes all over me. 

 I love this girl! Not sure what we were doing in this picture. I think we were trying to pose like cheerleaders. 

Brittany came and stayed with me for the whole weekend while Josh was away. I'm so glad she was able to be here with me.  

This isn't everyone who was at the party. I'm sad we didn't get a group shot. 
(Brittany, Brooke, Kristen, prego, Camille, & Sarah)

Thanks again girls for blessing me with an amazing sprinkle! 


  1. I got teary eyed looking at those pictures!! I miss you girls so much! I am praying you will feel God's peace these next few weeks!!!

  2. First of all, you are SO cute! I think about you often and am so excited for the 22nd to arrive for you and Josh. I am praying for you daily and really appreciate your honest, heartfelt posts. Such a blessing to see how God is working in you...I always am challenged myself when I read your post! Thanks for that!

    Second, its great to see how the girls group has grown but I feel so out of touch because I don't know any of those lovely ladies...I'm a bit jealous!! I really do miss you all!!

  3. LOVE the Sprinkle thing. And I love that you are surrounded by girls who love you. You look beautiful. Am trying to steal the photo of you and Brittany together for myself. <3

  4. WISH I COULD OF BEEN THERE!!! looked like fun. And the girls group has grown. Can't believe it started with just four ladies. You looked beautiful Bethany, like always. Also looking forward to the 22nd.


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