Wednesday, November 5, 2008

College Memories

I received an email from Josh today while I was at work and he sent me this picture he found from our college's website (Calvin College). I have never seen this picture before and to be honest it kind of freaks me out knowing someone/thing (webcam) was taking my picture while I was studying in the library.
I don't know if you can tell in this picture but my hair is super long! It makes me wish my hair was long again. Why is it you always want something different than what you have? That's another blog post for another time....I wish I new what I was reading or who I was studying with or if I was even studying at all. The picture is dated September 25-27,2004. This would have been the beginning of my junior year, just a couple of months before Josh and I started seeing each other. And I don't remember what the floor number was but I think I was on the seminary floor. That was usually the floor to go to when you had serious studying to do. As opposed to the fifth floor which was the floor you went to when you wanted to appear to be studying but you actually went there to socialize.
I sometimes miss my college days. It was definitely a great time of personal and spiritual growth, and building lasting relationships with people. And Calvin had amazing concerts! Like when Sigur Ros went on tour and Calvin was the only college they played at. I got to see some great shows for awesome student prices.
Along with the great concerts, the great friendships, and of course my education, getting to meet my dreamy husband in college was definitely the icing on the cake. It was actually in the library one day when I was leaving with one of my roommates (Libby) when I saw Josh walk in, and I all of a sudden decided to stay for a bit longer so I could hang out with him. As we were pretending to study I asked him what he was listening to and he told me Avril Lavigne! This was almost a deal breaker for me. I couldn't believe he was listening to her! But then he showed me the background on his laptop and it was a picture of 311 and told me some of the other bands he enjoyed. Thankfully, he redeemed some of his coolness and I think we made plans for the weekend. And the rest is history...


  1. That is a nice picture of you, Bethany!

    I think that sweater is now in possession... haha.

    Yay for college! I would totally do college again ... but probably not med school. Haha.

    Back to my enzymes.... <|:o]

  2. *i meant to say "now in MY possession" ... guess i missed the "punch" on the punch line there... oops

  3. PS - why was Josh surfing Calvin's website??? Doesn't he have studying to do??!?!

  4. Whoa look at that hair! I like it but I loooooove your cute sassy bob.

  5. Thats soo crazy that your picture was taken and you had no idea!!!

    At least its a great picture .. and you werent picking your nose!? (not that you do pick your nose..)

    Im with Brittany - why was Josh surfing the website? :)

  6. Josh told me he was surfing the net while he was in class!!!

  7. as soon as i saw that picture, i knew you were going to miss your long hair. so true we want what we don't have. i'm considering buying a short hair wig so i'll quit going through the awkward grow out phase. some food for thought.


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