Friday, November 7, 2008


Today is my big brother, Marc's 27th birthday! Let me tell you a little bit about my big brother, that I love to call Marcky. He is incredibly intelligent, rarely seen without a book in hand. He is hilarious, definitely one of the funniest people I know. He has a huge heart and would do anything for you. And he has been the best big brother any sisters could ever ask for.

Marcky - sorry for the crazy pictures of you. Our internet was down all yesterday and this morning, so I couldn't upload some of the more normal pictures from you. I happen to have these pics in my gmail inbox. So I am quick posting this blog while at work. Shhhh, don't tell Dave cuz I feel like a time theft. (You're a thief of joy.- Michael to Dwight during their Ethics meeting. I hope you got to see that episode.)
Halloween 2007 - great costume!
You are a genius of sick......quote from Marc
Do you see a theme here with these pictures? Marcky, you look good in any hat you wear. These are all pictures you have texted me and I emailed them to myself from my phone.
I think this might be my favorite picture of the three of us.
Look at how baller you are with your white suit, lookin' all cool and tough. But then you have a soft side to you cuz you're holding our hands. Love it!

So Marcky, Josh and I pray you have a wonderful birthday filled with peace from the Lord and a renewed sense of His Holy Spirit in your life. I'm so excited to see you this weekend and give you your brithday in gift in person. I know Josh is pretty sad he won't be able to see you but you do need to know that your gift, though quite random, is from Josh's heart. Love you brother-man!


  1. Thanks for the fantastic birthday wishes, Glupkers! I love the pictures you've displayed, and I'm pleased you think I look good in any hat I wear, Bethany. =)

    (For our Christmas card this year, I think you and Brittany should style your hair as it was styled in the fourth picture, and then Josh, Jason, and I will dress up as Jedi. Think it over.)

  2. I'm not Jedi, I am a dark Lord Sith, I detest Jedi! [Insert Force Lightning here]


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