Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Pics

Here are a few more pictures from the party on Friday. Everyone had great costumes!

Brooke (Juno) and Camille (Hermione)

Starting at the top on my left is Jamie (she and her hubby were a s'more), Sarah (the host and was Esmerelda to her husband who was the Hunchback of Notre Dame), and Christie (she went as self-absorbed).

Adam & Camille as Harry Potter and Hermione
I think if you look closely you can see in their eyes they were casting a spell on someone.

Bill as William Wallace and those are spunges pinned onto Christie. Now do you get that she is self-absorbed? Actually, Christie is a super sweet girl that I'm glas has joined our girls' group! She has lots of wisdom to share as Bill is a resident up here in Erie.

Camille and Brooke even told ghost stories.

The we headed inside for a few games. Here we have a game (I can't remember what it is called) where you have to hit your trigger button right when a light turns green or you'll get zapped! And let me tell you, you do not want to get zapped because it kind of hurts. But it was a fun game.
(Marc, I think you'd really like this game.)

Then I dared Freeland (Brooke's husband - he was Paulie Bleeker from the movie Juno) to put the trigger in his mouth and let it zap him. I actually tripple-dog-dared him to. Sorry Brooke.

Sorry Freeland.

All in all, it was a great party. But just when I thought Josh and I had great costumes this year, our niece and nephew had to go and out do us. Way to go Addie and Holden!


  1. What is the name of the "Shocky Game"? I might have a few friends I would like to play with-AFTER I practice and perfect it.

  2. Thanks for more pics! Looks like a great party! I love the couple-themed costumes. Jason and I will have to think of a good one for next year....

    love you,

  3. Love the pictures! Oh and dont worry about daring Freeland. Im pretty sure he would have done it even if you didnt dare him! Crazy kid.


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