Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Erie Weather

I am hanging out in our study with Josh as he is preparing for an exam tomorrow watching the crazy weather Erie is presently having. It's been snowing all day and praise the Lord it is Sunday and I've been able to stay home and enjoy the weather from the comfort of our warm home. But as of a couple minutes ago, Josh and I have been hearing thunder and I've seen lightning! That's totally wild! I didn't know it was possible to be snowing and thundering and lightning all at the same time. Don't even try to argue with me if it's not because it is and we are eye witnesses to this marvel.
Josh took this picture tonight. This is right outside our back porch. He likes to call this pic Narnia because of the lamp post.
I took this picture. This is the same tree as in the above pic but taken from upstairs in the study. I'm not quite sure how I got this picture. I was a little camera happy at the sight of snow. I think it's kind of eerie.
This weather definitely makes you yearn for somthing hot like a ginger bread latte. But no offense Borders, I have not had a latte there that I've enjoyed. The best latte I've had in Erie is at the Brick House. I highly recommend their vanilla lattes.

The only thing I'm not too jazzed about when it comes to snow is tomorrow morning I'm going to have to dig my car out from the snow (no garage). But no worries, I'm sure my amazing husband will help a girl out tomorrow morning. Thanks advance!


  1. I prefer hot chocolate with my cold weather. It is EVEN cold way down here. We had a heavy frost this AM and another expected tomorrow. Fortunately no snow or thunder and lightning!

  2. Hi, I am Adrian, Camille's cousin. I found your blog through her's. Love the Narnia picture. My husband and four-year-old daughter have been reading the Chronicles of Naria together. Her favorite thing to do is look for lamp posts all around our small town. I will show her this picture when she wakes up tomorrow!

  3. I love the pictures. I hope the weather is better for tomorrow. I am so glad Sarah, Josh and Addy are in Texas but I know they miss all of you in Erie.

  4. Welcome to Erie, home of the craziest weather you will ever see! It can be nice out one weekend and snowing the next and, yes, we get thunder and lightning storms in the middle of winter... sometimes. I hope you were able to get your car out as we have about a foot of snow at my house already.


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