Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re-cap from last weekend.

Well, so much for National Blog Posting Month. I really did try and I thought I'd make it to the end of November. But I was really tired during the week and was engulfed in reading Harry Potter. Sorry I apologize for being a bad blogger and I know a new weekend is here but I totally forgot to post pictures from last weekend in Columbus.

The weekend started off with a baby shower for Brittany's sister-in-law Kate.
Here are Brittany's sister-in-laws...Katie, Kate, & my little sis. Kate has a little over a month to go but she was super tiny!
It has been a very long time since Brittany and I have had the same hair style. We're usually the opposite of each other, one usually keeps it long and the other short. We were both pretty anxious to get our hair cut after her wedding. Brittany's was long enough she was able to send her's to Locks of Love.
After the baby shower, we had quite a bit more celebrating to do for all of the November birthdays. We went to a great Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo. And ordered everything family style.

This is our friend Michael and my brother Marc. I think Michael is trying to take a picture of me taking a picture of them with his cell phone. 
They brought out two large candelabras for the birthday people to make a wish. And after dinner we headed back to my Me-ma and Papa-Tony's house to open presents and have dessert.

Josh wanted me to document my brother Marc opening up his birthday gift. But first, let me explain that his bday gift was supposed to be a care package we were going to send him that I failed to send. To his gifts are kind of random, but then again, we are kind of random. Below you will find a key chain with Josh's profile picture. Don't worry, my picture is on the other side. I was taken back when my sister saw the keychain and asked for one. Maybe we'll give them out as Christmas gifts this year.

There were quite a few other random things in his gift bag, but his real gift was this book The Oxford Guide to Philosophy. He's currently in a master's program of biblical studies but I believe is hoping to continue his education in philosophy. 

Brittany's birthday is on the 19th so I loved being able to give her her gift in person. I love giving gifts to my family but Brittany is my favorite person to shop for.  Brittany loves turtles and when I saw these adorable stickers I couldn't resist getting them for her. Don't worry, I didn't just get her stickers for her birthday.
It's hard to see little Nola since she's so dark but it was great to see her, as always. Josh really wanted me to bring her back to Erie until we headed to Dayton for turkey day. But I was worried about getting in trouble with our land lord since we're technically not allowed to have pets. It would have been worth the risk if it was just for a week (as she's stayed with us for a week before). But Josh will get lots of snuggle time when we're home for turkey day.


  1. Aww, I love you and Brittany's matching haircuts! How cute! Where did you make the awesome profile key tags??

  2. Josh and I made them. We took the pics of each other...printed them out on his printer...and cut them to fit the key chains. I found the key chains at Michael's. I'm predicting them to be the new hot item on everyone's Christmas list this year.

  3. that key chain is at the top of my list! who wouldn't want one?!

    ps - that pic of you and nola is precious. you took that of yourself at me-ma and papa-t's, didn't you?!


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